Creating wine legends

The Slim Dusty school of marketing

Cracking an export market has never been easy, as guest blogger Phil Reedman MW eloquently pointed out in last week’s post. It involves shoe leather, flesh pressing and (at least) an annual sales trip.

But Australia – and New Zealand in turn – achieved incredible success in their early forays into the United Kingdom’s ginormous wine market. Their collective stroke of genius, as Phil put it, “was in creating consumer demand by providing countless opportunities for wine drinkers to taste the wines.”

Those early sales efforts shared certain hallmarks that aren’t always apparent in next-generation promotional junkets:

  • Incredibly passionate “brand ambassadors” – often the proprietors and/or winemakers themselves.
  • A willingness to appear anywhere, at any time – golf tournaments, home shows, in-aisle tastings at supermarkets.
  • Consistency – if it’s May, it’s off to the UK, and we’ll work 18 hours a day while we’re there.

This is the work ethic that creates legends, and not only legends in the world of fine wine. For proof, I’d like to offer up another Aussie legend – Slim Dusty. Few entertainers are more beloved, and there’s a simple reason for that: Slim Dusty travelled to every one-horse, one-pub town on the continent year in, year out.

This lovely little clip shows Slim at his best, performing “Pub With No Beer” to a handful of fans as the truckies pull up to catch the show.


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