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Inspirational Malbec

Dr Rod Malbec - from TW Wines' Artist Series. The sketch on the label is the work of Geordie Witters's sister, Shelley Witters.

A nice surprise was waiting for me in The New Zealand Herald today, with an article on the “Meet the Makers” vineyard tour that served as a prelude to last year’s Wine & Food Festival in Gisborne.

Justine Tyerman describes meeting the colourful personalities behind the Spade Oak, TW and StoneBridge wine brands, as well as her first impressions of the “flavour explosion” that is TW‘s 2010 barrel-fermented “Dr Rod Malbec” – named in honour of my late husband, Rod Bonfiglioli (who was known to one and all in the wine trade as “Dr Rod”).

Paul Tietjen and Geordie Witters (the all-important “T” and “W”) wanted to pay tribute to Rod’s memory in recognition of his infectious enthusiasm for the variety – particularly for the selection from the Pedro Marchevsky vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina, which Rod imported as source material on behalf of Riversun Nursery.

Paul planted “Dr Rod Malbec” vines as soon as they became available. The 2010 wine is the first commercial offering in New Zealand showcasing the new selection.

Read the story here, while the link lasts.


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  1. Phil Reedman
    Posted February 5, 2013 at 10:35 am | Permalink

    Have spent today at an Alternative varieties workshop in the Adelaide Hills. Malbec came up in discussion, as indeed did Dr Rod’s name, and it seems that Australia does not yet have any Argentine clones of Malbec cleared through quarantine. Some cuttings are currently in quarantine with another year to go before release. It will be fascinating to taste TW’s “Dr Rod” Malbec (the label has caught him rather nicely I feel) against, say, a Millton Vineyards Malbec.

    • Posted February 11, 2013 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

      Thanks Phil! The artist’s sketch (by Shelley Witters) was based on a photograph I took of Rod some years back – as you say, it captures him to a T.

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