A glass of spring

I'll have what she's having, thanks.

Dare I whisper that Spring is in the air?

The signs are everywhere: magnolias in full bloom, with ornamental plums and cherries hurrying to catch up. A change in the light that makes one take a second look at familiar objects – because suddenly everything looks new (or tired or somehow different).

I’m feeling renewed myself, and that’s not altogether surprising. In recent months, I’ve moved (to sunny, spectacular Hawke’s Bay), finished writing a book (more on that to come), and embarked on a variety of exciting communications projects.

I’m also excited to return to blogging. My schedule under the arduous ‘must finish the book’ regime did not allow for such luxuries. I can confirm, however, that there really are only so many hours in a day.

Much had to be set aside due to my workload, but that’s about to change – in a good way.



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