About Ruby Andrew

What I do for a Quid

In a nutshell? I’m an award-winning writer and marketer with a special emphasis on brand enhancement in the digital age.

That means (here comes the long version), I spend a lot of my time helping people plan, create, and manage great content for websites, social media, e-newsletters, and, yes, print publications.

Content strategy starts by trying to determine the best way(s) to communicate your brand message. That involves understanding who your audience might be, the media channels they use, information architecture (the technical stuff that enables websites to be built), and last, but by no means least, establishing the ways and means of managing it. All of this requires great writing (of course) and a set of communications skills that includes PR, brand and project management, editorial savvy, and marketing nous.

I’m a Canadian living in New Zealand, and I work almost exclusively within the wine industry. I’ve created great website and e-news content, written (or ghost-written) many, many articles, acted as media liaison, and used my expert editorial and writing skills on freelance assignments of all sorts.

Before New Zealand? My background is the world of feature writing, and my work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including Cuisine, Chatelaine, National Post, Beautiful British Columbia, Canadian Business, Profit, CA magazine, Harrowsmith, Saturday Night, and, well, the list does go on.

I am committed to New Zealand wine, and understand the current marketing environment – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I also know, from happy experience, that clear, authentic, and useful content can help grow good businesses. I’d like to help you grow yours.