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Wine marketers in the war room

When a strategy goes wrong The clever folks at Red to Brown Wine Review neatly sum up the terrifying influence of legendary wine critic Robert Parker in this short “art film.” There are some naughty words here, but they won’t shock anyone who’s been on the “front lines” of a wine marketing campaign.  

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DIY marketing, done well

Janet Mohapi-Banks creates luxury cakes and her marketing demonstrates a clear understanding of her target customer.

Lessons learned from a luxury cake business New Zealand’s artisanal winemakers are in a slightly uncomfortable position when it comes to marketing. Their wines are “of the land, produced by hand,” yet their target customer is often the affluent consumer accustomed to a very high degree of sophistication in branding, packaging, and promotion. Just to [...]

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Not so Flash

Websites hurry to catch up with the iPad Most of us have visited a winery website that unfolds like an animated fairytale. We wait as the landing page tells us it’s “loading,” then a soundtrack begins to swell, and an invisible guide takes us on a magical mystery tour. The eye candy is everywhere. The [...]

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