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Perfect online photos

Would you like size with that? A very handy infographic today, created by LunaMetrics, that provides an invaluable tool for those of us who start Googling “photo size for ….” while we’re right in the middle of creating online content. Bookmark it now – LunaMetrics will be updating the cheat sheet as social media sites [...]

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Sacré bleu, it’s Mirabeau!

The power of narrative: part two In my last post, I promised to unearth a few compelling stories that successfully chronicle the genesis of a winery. Sadly, they’re not that easy to find – especially on winery websites, which is where they should be, front and centre. Instead, most sites offer an “About Us” page [...]

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The Stephen Fry effect

Stephen Fry

A New Zealand winery welcomes the power of Twitter A winery’s website and social media channels work as virtual cellar doors in the digital environment, and you never know who might choose to make a flying visit and then tell the world about it. That’s precisely what happened last month at Two Paddocks, based in [...]

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DIY marketing, done well

Janet Mohapi-Banks creates luxury cakes and her marketing demonstrates a clear understanding of her target customer.

Lessons learned from a luxury cake business New Zealand’s artisanal winemakers are in a slightly uncomfortable position when it comes to marketing. Their wines are “of the land, produced by hand,” yet their target customer is often the affluent consumer accustomed to a very high degree of sophistication in branding, packaging, and promotion. Just to [...]

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