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Homegrown, at Neudorf

The power of narrative: part four In the digital arena, it’s not that easy to find stories chronicling the genesis of small New Zealand wineries – or at least, to find stories that engage and delight the reader while providing an authentic point of difference for the brand. Too often, the content on an “About [...]

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Clonakilla counts its blessings

The power of narrative: part three I’m continuing an exploration of the “founder’s story” and its role in wine marketing, so if you’re landing here for the first time, you may want to visit previous posts on the topic – here and here. One of the most inspiring winery foundation stories I’ve ever heard is [...]

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Sacré bleu, it’s Mirabeau!

The power of narrative: part two In my last post, I promised to unearth a few compelling stories that successfully chronicle the genesis of a winery. Sadly, they’re not that easy to find – especially on winery websites, which is where they should be, front and centre. Instead, most sites offer an “About Us” page [...]

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What’s your story?

The power of narrative, part one New Zealand has hundreds of small, independently owned wineries, each with a unique story to tell. It’s puzzling, then, to see virtually the same description pop up on so many websites and social media channels. This dearth of originality was highlighted not too long ago by Angie Bradbury, managing [...]

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Not so Flash

Websites hurry to catch up with the iPad Most of us have visited a winery website that unfolds like an animated fairytale. We wait as the landing page tells us it’s “loading,” then a soundtrack begins to swell, and an invisible guide takes us on a magical mystery tour. The eye candy is everywhere. The [...]

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Wake-up call for websites

In the digital world, out of date signals out of business The road to hell is paved with good intentions. So goes the proverb, and for proof, we need look no further than many winery websites on the information highway. We’ve all seen the litter spoiling what should be a scenic route: news pages “looking forward [...]

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A blogroll for New Zealand wineries

The Vino Vitis blogroll is dedicated to New Zealand winery blogs, so please let me know if you have one. Minor caveat, though – it has to be current. To give you a running start, let’s say at least one entry in the past month.    

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